bitti d'lish Trial Pack



Product Description

If you are not sure which type of bitti d'lish sized nappy you would prefer, this specially priced trial pack is the answer.

  • 1 x bitti d'lish All in One nappy for absolute convenience - choose small, medium or large
  • 1 x bitti d'lish Snap in One nappy shell for supreme flexibility - choose small, medium or large
  • 1 x bitti d'lish Snap in One super absorbent bamboo soaker set - choose small, medium or large
  • 1 x microfibre mini booster

Total retail value is $57.850, so this trial pack is a great value way to try out the two different types of bitti d'lish and discover why they are so popular and see which style you prefer to use.

Please note: Trial Packs and Starter Sets are limited to one pack (in total, not of each type) per customer and the contents of this trial pack cannot be changed (ie two All in One nappies or two Snap in One nappies).

bitti d'lish Sizing

  • Small 3.5-7.5kgs
  • Medium 6.5-12kgs
  • Large 10.5-16.5kgs

Choose one size or a mixture.

Please choose your colour preferences from Boy, Girl, Unisex - you will be given two different colour nappies. If there is a colour you particularly don't want, please note it in the comments field during the checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

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